Acoustic Communication by Animals

This conference will bring together senior scholars, mid-career researchers and teachers, young investigators, and students to share ideas, data, and methods in the growing and exciting field of animal acoustic communication.

The emphasis in the conference will be to share information across animal taxa and to enable young investigators and students to meet and share ideas with more established investigators in the field. Toward this end, the keynote speakers at the conference are:

Dr. Peter Marler
Dr. Peter Slater

who will provide insights from their lifetime of studying animal communication. Some of the special topics we plan to have include:

· Development and evolution of animal communication
· Communication in noisy environments
· Managing noise impacts on wildlife
· Modern techniques in measuring and analyzing complex
  animal sounds
· Sound production mechanisms
· Effects of anthropogenic sounds on animals
· Cognition and language
· Echolocation
· Hearing and sound discrimination
· Signal design
· Mimicry
· Physiology and anatomy
· New equipment/software