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LaSells Stewart Center
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon



Collaboration that WORKS!
Strategies, Techniques and Tools for Results


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Understanding “Collaborators”
We will examine the characteristics of how individuals perceive and process information and the influence of that information on how people interact in a collaborative process.

Exploring the Collaborative Spectrum
Deciding strategy, participation, timing and tactics, are essential to collaborative success.  When and how to involve a larger public, making group decisions and presenting final results to decision-makers are critical steps in this effort. Learn proven strategies and tactics on how to analyze your collaboration project and make essential decisions for success.

Building a Collaborative Team
Your collaborative effort is a team project! Landowners, agencies, NGO’s, citizens all have a stake in the outcome. Learn the components of how teams form, how they function (or not!) when trying to solve problems as a group.

Leading the Collaborative Process
Successful collaboration needs strategy, structure, and functioning process to be successful over time. Learn the key elements for setting up, maintaining and getting closure on a collaborative issue.

Strategic Analysis – a critical tool for success
The Strategic Analysis Worksheet is a tool with key questions you need to answer to embark on a successful collaboration process. You will use this tool to analyze your collaboration efforts, and identify the strengths and areas to work on.

An analysis of why & how conflict occurs in groups. Learn how you handle the five identified types of conflict, and how to plan for prevention / intervention.

Strategy  Clinic
A chance to work with Collaboration Instructors on your collaborative situation! Time devoted to analyzing, troubleshooting, and designing a successful strategy for your unique situation using tools/ techniques presented at the conference

Facilitation  Finesse
Facilitation is the key to collaborative group success. Our most experienced facilitators will cover 32 key tools, techniques and strategies to help you facilitate your collaborative  group successfully.

Closing the Collaboration Loop – Results oriented strategy
One of the most overlooked, but essential elements, of an effective collaboration process is bringing it to closure.  Don’t leave your process stalled out, languishing, or in perpetual meeting mode-Attend the closure to this workshop.