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Historically, a key component of Team Liberation has been our peer-facilitated workshops, which faculty and campus groups could request from us. Although we recognize that this is an important service we provide to the OSU community, please be patient as we transition into our new program; workshops may not be available during the 2013-14 academic year.

Why the change? We recognize that, for any number of reasons, many people who have gone through our trainings in the past have not gone on to facilitate workshops. We also know that the possible impact of workshops on participants is limited compared to more immersive or ongoing experiences. The opportunity to facilitate workshops, however, is a great learning opportunity for students. So as we are re-building our program, we decided to make a few adjustments.

Looking to past training evaluations and to models such as the Oppression Action Continuum1, we decided that students should have the opportunity to focus fully on their own development and skill-building first, before worrying about educating others. Our new policy will be that students complete a certificate program before being given the opportunity to move on to workshop facilitation in their second year with us. We believe this will help our students to feel confident and prepared and that it will allow us to deliver workshops with a higher level of outcome.

Check back on this page or contact us for more information or updates.


1Wijeyesinghe, C. L., Griffin, P., & Love, B. (1997). Racism curriculum design. In M. Adams, L. Bell, & P. Griffin (Eds), Teaching for diversity and social justice: A sourcebook (pp. 82-107). New York: Routledge.