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Get Connected

There are many ways to connect with Coalition for Community Dialogue depending on your background and interests. To learn more about these opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Attend a Community Network Meeting

CCD hosts weekly gatherings for students to have social justice conversations, with a focus on issues of relevance to your life. The purpose is to allow opportunities to practice having these conversations and build communication skills, in the context of a supportive peer network.

Some of these, called Community Network Meetings, are open to anyone with an interest in social justice or multicultural topics. Others, called Cohort Network Meetings, are for those who have met with the Graduate Teaching Assistant and made a commitment to the program. 

Our intention in these meetings is to have a loose structure with topics related to communication for social justice, but to always be responsive and flexible to the present needs and interests in the room. We hope to live out our vision--upholding the humanity in all of us--even while engaging in potentially challenging conversations.

See our Calendar of events for dates, times, and locations of upcoming public meetings.

Why attend one of our public meetings? The answer could be different for everyone. Maybe you are considering joining the Coalition for Community Dialogue Certificate program but want a chance to see what it’s all about first. Perhaps you had a “social justice moment” during the week where you weren’t sure what to say or do, and you want to process the experience with your peers. Or maybe you are seeking this kind of community but don’t have the time to commit to participating every week.  Others still may be those who are actively engaged in social justice work and want to continue broadening their network.

Certificate/Cohort Program

If you are ready to enact communication for social justice at a deeper level, consider pursuing a CCD Certificate. The program gives you access to a more consistent cohort of supportive fellow students. Develop your personal plan of involvement to complete the certificate, based on your interests and availability. All certificate participants will meet once per term with the Graduate Teaching Assistant and attend at least two Cohort Network Meetings, but beyond that, it is up to you!

CCD often gets requests to facilitate social justice workshops. After completing a certificate, participants may choose to continue on for a second year to learn how to facilitate these workshops. This is a great opportunity to share your story and to help others in their learning.

Attend a Training

Once per term, we hold half-day trainings on topics such as: story-telling, connecting personal experiences to social systems, multicultural communication, the role of emotions in social justice, etc. Information on applying to attend fall term training will be available soon. Certificate participants will have the first opportunity to attend.

Register now for our Spring workshop: Social Media 4 Social Justice

Join the Coalition for Community Dialogue as we explore systems of
oppression during our winter training. We strive to offer a communal space
that deepens our understanding of oppression and how it impacts our lives and
the lives of those around us. This training will guide participants through an
examination of these systems and their impact, as well as provide a space to
envision modes of resistance.

Join the Coalition for Community Dialogue as we explore the role of social media in social justice movements. Through an examination of recent social media campaigns, we will seek ways to move our work into web-based communities and be in solidarity with other movements through this medium.


Registration will be open until Thursday 4/3.