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Our Powerful Voices in Action Conference

The Our Powerful Voices in Action Conference is an opportunity to explore the complexity of identity and tools for creating social change through workshops, performance, and dialogue.  Whether you are new to the conversation or regularly find yourself engaging in social justice work, this will be a space to join in community, expand consciousness and participate in dialogues for change. Some of the conference workshop themes include: LGBTQ+ community issues, communicating for social justice, social change agents in education, grassroots lobbying, and local agencies committed to social change.

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Schedule - Friday, January 17, 2014

Doors Open & Registration

9:00am, Native American Longhouse

“Why do I have to choose between my Queerness and Person of Colorness?”  Microaggressions, Liberation and the LGBT Community

9:30 am – noon, Native American Longhouse

Kevin Nadal will lead this workshop utilizing participatory activities, media and dialogue that draws on participants’ lived experiences to help us better understand, connect with, and become engaged around understanding the dynamics of microaggressions and liberation for the LGBT community.


-----Break for lunch on own-----

Stories of Queer Diaspora

1:00 - 2:30 pm, Native American Longhouse

Storytelling can be a powerful vehicle for social change.  Keynote Kevin Nadal will facilitate this workshop featuring a few performances by Queer and Trans People of Color, and engage participants in exploring ways to tell their stories through poetry, spoken word, and comedy.

**If you are joining us in the afternoon and have not checked in please proceed to MU 207 before the concurrent sessions begin 

Concurrent Sessions: Communicating for Wholeness

2:30pm-3:20pm; MU rooms

Working towards creating a socially justice world is difficult and can often weigh heavily on those engaging in that work. Session during this time will focus on sharing strategies and tools for communicating around issues of social justice, specifically looking at how to respond to resistance in a way that respects the personhood of those we are in community with.


Peeling the Onion; Unraveling the Layers of You (MU 208)

An interactive discussion of social identity, perception, and assumptions. 


Language, Power, and Hospitality (MU 206)

As members of a community invested in social justice, how does communication affect the ways we build or harm our connection with others? In this session participants will be introduced to a theoretical framework of compassion and charity that can be of use when communicating with others across difference. Participants will have an opportunity to apply this framework in a facilitated exercise. 


Concurrent Sessions: Passion into Action

3:30pm-4:20pm; MU rooms

There are numerous ways in which one can become introduced to issues of social justice. Attending classes, workshops, conferences and community involved can illuminate the need to engage in social justice work. However, once we recognize the need, how do we respond? Sessions during this time will highlight work being done in our community. Presenters will share the work they are engaging in and discuss tools for creating change.

Creating Change in Our Community (MU 206)

This session featuring local community members will explore the multiple ways we can create change in our communities. Our panelist are:

Shelly Moon is a poet, playwright and proud instigator of social change who uses the creative arts to inspire shifts in social consciousness, encourage community building, and bring to life relevant stories that need to be told.

Hannah Miller works as the Community Liaison for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter; her work includes serving as the contact for outreach, managing volunteers, cultivating donor relationships, and engaging the community through speaking events and presentations about issues facing runaway and homeless youth .

Deanna Lloyd is the Garden Manager for the Corvallis Environmental Center.  Her position includes managing Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE), a 1-acre non-profit education and production garden which annually donates 3 - 4 TONS of organic to local hunger relief agencies.


Cultivating Social Justice in Higher Education MU (208) 

This session will feature a panel of OSU educators sharing their experiences working towards social justice within higher education. Panelist backgrounds include: providing programs and services to support retention; critically educating students in and out of the classroom; supporting intercultural development of faculty/staff; and examining the impact of systems and structures within the university. The session will primarily be of interest to those who are considering a career—or those who are currently working—in student affairs or higher education.  


Closing Reception/ Meet and Greet with Kevin Nadal

4:00-5:00 pm, MU

A reception will be held with students, staff, and faculty that would like to meet and chat with Kevin.


The conference is sponsored by the Coalition for Community Dialogue and Project Social Justice-Intercultural Student Services. Workshops featuring Dr. Nadal are made possible through the support of the Counseling and Psychological Services; Native American Longhouse; Pride Center; Queer Studies; School of Language, Culture, and Society; UHDS: Diversity Initiatives; Office of Equity and Inclusion; School of Public Policy; and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies.