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The Coalition for Community Dialogue (formerly Team Liberation) believes in justice for humanity through dialogue, continuous learning, and intentional experiences.

Have you taken courses, attended conferences, or participated in retreats, workshops, or any other activities that have inspired in you a passion for social justice? We are building a network where people who have had experiences like these can meet to support one other and to learn and grow together. To do this, we hold regular meetings and quarterly trainings. Additionally, we hold an annual conference and sometimes do workshops, which allows people to engage with us at any level.

Coalition for Community Dialogue enacts its vision through the following activities:

  • Networking/Community-Building. We have weekly meetings: Community Network Meetings are open to the public; Cohort Network Meetings are for those pursuing a CCD certificate.
  • Advanced Trainings. Trainings are held once per term
  • Conference. We hold an annual conference with both introductory and more advanced sessions, intended to meet the needs and interests of a wide audience.
  • Workshops. Classes and campus groups often request peer-facilitated workshops. Students who complete a CCD certificate program may choose to go on to an advanced program for facilitating workshops. 
For more detailed explanations of these programs, check out our Get Connected page.

Registration now open for our Spring Workshop: Social Media 4 Social Justice