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Professional Development for Students

Professional DevelopmentThe Oregon State Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program offers many extraordinary opportunities to grow as a student at any age and level of scholarship. We offer professional advancement in the following ways:

Professional Development Course Offerings

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program offers a one-credit course series on developing professionalism for our students. These courses involve useful information and workshops for future career advancement and academic competency. Coursework includes learning how to write a vita, article publication, conference proposal writing, grant writing, resume building, course development, research protocols, service work design, technology for scholars, and much more.

  • WGSS 511 Orientation & Professionalization I
  • WGSS 512 Orientation & Professionalization II
  • WGSS 513 Orientation & Professionalization III 

Conference Attendance and Presentation

The National Women's Studies Association is the nation's primary organization for the development and leadership of women and gender studies issues. Founded in 1977, NWSA is at the forefront of giving activists and scholars the opportunities to discuss, present, and transform knowledge for social change.

Every year, NWSA holds a National Conference that many Oregon State University Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students have attended and given presentations at. Also, a regional conference for the Northwest is held giving Oregon State and surrounding institutions a chance to share their scholarship with other local women studies students, faculty, and women's center organizers.

2009 NWSA Student Conference Presentations:

amanda-litke-nwsa-conference liz-mcneill
Amanda Littke: Morrison's "Magical" Reality: Disrupting the Politics of Memory Liz Mc Neill: Getting Real with Women's Studies Politics: Breaking the Binary of Inclusion

If you would like more information on the next National Women's Studies Conference, please visit their website: Oregon State University's region is the northwest.

Skin of My Chest, presented by Rachel Brinker at the Conference on Earth Democracy: Women, Justice, and Ecology, October 23, 2009.