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Kryn Freehling-Burton

Kryn Freehling-Burton earned her interdisciplinary masters degree in Women Studies and theatre from Oregon State University and has been teaching for the department for the past five years.  She teaches a variety of classes on campus, including 223 and 224, our two introductory courses, Women and Sexuality, Women in the Movies, and a course on mothering in the US.  She took her first class at OSU through e-campus before grad school and is excited to be part of the new on-line major.  It is a fantastic way to incorporate college into busy work and family lives. 

One of Kryn’s favorite classes to teach is Feminist Organizing in New York City and Washington DC each summer.  For two weeks during June, OSU Women Studies students visit a variety of organizations and meet with women running non-profit organizations, organizers working in politics, and activists advocating for women and other under-represented groups in our society.  

Kryn’s research interests include student mothers, audience response to activist theatre, performances of birth in the US, students studying in NYC, and friendships between mothers.

She is a playwright whose most recent play, In the Image of God, toured Southern California for a year and a half.  Inspired by interviews Dr. Susan Shaw conducted with Southern Baptist women, Kryn wrote Baptist Preacher Girl that premiered at OSU’s One-Act Festival in 2007.  She is currently writing two plays; Language of Silence is based on women’s stories about their mothers and the other depicts one group of women’s response to domestic violence.  As an actor, Kryn has most recently performed in activist theatre productions of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler and Birth by Karen Brody in Corvallis and Eugene.

Kryn met her partner on the theatre stage as an undergraduate political science major and now lives with her family in Portland.  Her four children keep her busy driving to dance lessons, gymnastics meets, art classes, and play dates.