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Program Faculty for WGSS

Program Faculty

Jennifer Almquist, PhD Associate Director, Equity & Inclusion. Feminist anthropology; research on women, work, and organizations.
students in class
Students in Class
Tracy Bentley-Townlin, PhD
Dean of Students.  Social, political and economic construction of disability, student identity development, and transition issues for non-traditional students
Michelle Bothwell, PhD Associate Professor, Bioengineering
Judith Bowker, PhD Emeritus, Speech Communications
Leslie Burns, PhD Professor, Design & Human Environment. Consumer behavior, merchandising management, social psychology
Courtney Campbell, PhD Hundere Chair, Philosophy
Mina Carson, PhD Associate Professor, History
Marisa Chappell, PhD Associate Professor, History. Gender & Race, politics, social movements, 20th century U.S. history
Loren Chavarria, MA Assoc. Director - Outreach/Engagement CL@SE, Spanish
Melissa Cheyney, PhD Associate Professor, Anthropology
Sharyn Clough, PhD Associate Professor, Philosophy. Feminist theory, epistemology, philosophy of science - biomedicine, contemporary pragmatism
Donna Champeau, PhD Emeritus, Public Health
Lori Cramer, PhD Associate Professor, Sociology. Environment & Natural Resource Sociology, Rural Sociology

Lisa Ede, PhD Professor, English. Feminist theory, rhetorical theory, women & the history of rhetoric
Feminist Fair 2012
2012 Feminist Fair
Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul, EdD Intercultural Student Services
Mary Flahive, PhD Associate Professor, Mathematics
Sally Gallagher, PhD Professor, Sociology
Kay Garcia, PhD Professor, Spanish
Joan Gross, PhD Professor, Anthropology
Kate Halischak, PhD Director, Academics for Student Athletes
Marie Harvey, PhD Associate Dean - Res. & Grad programs, Public Health
Charlotte Headrick, PhD Professor, Theatre. women in Irish theatre, multicultural theatre
Anita Helle, PhD Director - School of Writing, Literature & Film  
Sarah Henderson, PhD Associate Professor, Political Science
Madronna Holden, PhD Political Science
Sunil Khanna, PhD Professor, Public Health
Kate MacTavish, PhD Associate Professor, Human Development & Family Services
Cari Maes, PhD Adjunct Instructor, Latin American History
Andrea Marks, PhD Professor, Graphic Design
Brenda McComb, PhD Professor, Forestry. Environmental & Social Justice; Transgender Studies
Dwaine Plaza, PhD Professor, Sociology.  Caribbean Studies, International Migration, Race and Ethnicity Relations, Research Methods.
Lisa Price, PhD Professor, Anthropology
Dana Myers Reason, PhD Adjunct Instructor, Music
Susana Rivera-Mills, PhD Executive Associate Dean CLA
Nancy Rosenberger, PhD Professor, Anthropology Stick Sculpture
Stick Sculpture
Olga Rowe, PhD Instructor, Sociology
Patti Sakurai, PhD Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
Lisa Sarasohn, PhD
Professor, History
Sarina Saturn, PhD Associate Professor, Psychology
Aurora Sherman, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology. Developmental psychology with research in women's health and aging, childhood socialization of gender
Kathleen Stanley, PhD
Instructor, Sociology
Brent Steel, PhD Professor, Public Policy. Gender & Environment, Gender and Politics
Robert Thompson, PhD Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
Vicki Tolar Burton, PhD Professor, English.  Director: Writing Intensive Program.  Feminist rhetoric and writing; feminist approaches to religion
Becky Warner, PhD Senior Vice-Provost, Sociology
Patti Watkins, PhD Associate Professor, Psychology. Fat studies
Tara Williams, PhD Associate Dean, University Honors College. English, Medieval literature and culture.