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WR 525 Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing

WR 525/PSM 525 Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing

Do you know how to distinguish scientific, science, or technical writing? Have you learned to select primary sources based on the reading or disciplinary community? Could you summarize what constitutes ethics in scientific and professional publishing?

If you have completed a research project, bring your data set to this course. If you need to plan research or an internship, bring your ideas to the course. You will examine what researchers write and publish, when they publish, and why:

  • Learn to use tools and to follow processes.
  • Learn by editing and peer reviewing.
  • Understand and adapt to audiences.
  • Understand the rhetoric of professional communication, that is, how to make prudent choices in writing relative to the outlet, the audience, and the research plan or results.

In this course, you will

  • Use persuasion effectively to write a funding proposal and a cover letter within agency guidelines.
  • Write a scientific journal article (or a research proposal or internship proposal) and a magazine article to outlet guidelines.
  • Determine and create an appropriate visual display.
  • Write to various audiences about data and results.
  • Edit and revise work after peer review.
  • Analyze a collection of science magazine articles and write a book review.

Challenging? Yes. Worthwhile? You decide!

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