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Why major or minor in English?

Why English?  A major or minor with a lifetime of value!

The School of Writing, Literature, and Film in Moreland Hall has been home to the English major since the mid-1960s.  We offer a very well-established yet forward-looking program with a fine tradition of supporting majors in their aspirations to challenging careers, professions, and personal interests.

Majoring in English at OSU:

  • connects you with amazing people, faculty and students, who want to help you shape your future
  • sharpens critical thinking and analytical skills that employers consistently value
  • challenges you through encounters with creative minds and amazing texts, past and present, across cultural traditions
  • gives you a sense of belonging to a community of readers and writers within a large public university
  • provides on-the ground training through internships and affiliated degrees in teaching, professional/technical and creative writing, digital media, film studies, and medical humanities

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Writing, Literature, & Film 238 Moreland Hall 541.737.3244
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