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What are the core requirements everyone must take?

WR II Courses: See your advisors for recommendations!

The School of Writing, Literature, and Film offers baccalaureate core WR II courses for students interested in writing for media, law, technical and professional fields, and creative writing.

Most sections are offered on campus, but a limited number of sections are also available on E-campus.

  • WR 201 Writing for Media
  • WR 214 Writing for Business
  • WR 222 English Composition
  • WR 323 English Composition
  • WR 330 Understanding Grammar
  • WR 224 Introduction to Fiction Writing
  • WR 324 Introduction to Fiction
  • WR 241 Introduction to Poetry Writing
  • WR 341 Poetry Writing
  • WR 327 Technical Writing

All WR II courses meet the following bac core outcomes:

* Apply multiple theories, concepts, and techniques for creating and evaluating written communication

* Write effectively for diverse audiences within a specific area or discipline using appropriate standards and conventions

* Apply critical thinking to writing and the writing process, including revision.

Each WR II section may also have objectives specific to the course and field.  For example, here is a description of course objectives common to all WR 327 Technical Writing Sections.

Technical Writing (WR 327) will prepare you to produce instructive, informative, and persuasive documents aimed at well-defined and achievable outcomes. Technical documents are precise, concise, logically organized, and based on factual information. The purpose and target audience of each document determine the style that an author chooses, including document layout, vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure, and visuals. To this end, this course will teach processes for analyzing “writing contexts” and producing effective, clean, and reader-centered documents in an efficient manner. You can expect to gather, read, and present the technical content of your field to various audiences in attractive, error-free copy, as well as to learn strategies for presenting that content orally.

Writing Beyond Writing II: science writing, food writing, writing for law and law school

OSU students interested in advanced courses in writing may also build on baccalaureate core studies to take an array of focused professional writing courses.

(offered each year)

  • WR 383 Food Writing
  • WR 362 Science Writing
  • WR 329 Writing for Law and Law School
  • WR 424 Advanced Fiction Writing
  • WR 441 Advanced Poetry Writing
  • WR 420 Studies in Writing

Baccalaureate Core Outcomes for All WR II Courses

* Apply multiple theories, concepts, and techniques for creating

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