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Jillian St. Jacques

Jillian St. Jacques

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Jillian St. Jacques

Office: Moreland 352
Phone: 541-737-1662
Email: jillian.stjacques at oregonstate.edu

PhD Candidate. Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, 2004-present
M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts 1995    
B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute 1992
BA Journalism. California State University, Northridge 1997

Jillian St. Jacques teaches Writing for Media, with an emphasis on print journalism and the role of media in popular culture. His research interests and publications include essays and articles on the representation of sexual ambiguity in works of adaptation, and the political framing of alterity and abjection in literature and film. Central to Jillian’s teaching and research is the ongoing university-wide commitment to developing community discussion on issues of difference, power and discrimination. Recent publications include Adaptation Theories, a collection of scholarly works on contemporary adaptation theory, essays and articles in The Journal of Visual Culture and Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, and short stories in Fiction International, Black Ice and Nobodaddies. His journalism has appeared in The Harford Courant, The Durango Herald, The Canandaigua Daily Messenger and The Greece Post. His work in public relations has won awards from The National School Public Relations Association and The New York Schools Public Relations Association.

Areas of specialization Media studies, cultural analysis, issues in difference, power and discrimination, trans/gender studies, feminist film theories, postfeminist psychoanalytic theory, contemporary adaptation studies

Selected publications Adaptation Theories, ed. The Netherlands: Jan van Eyck Academie Press, 2011

"Amusement Dark: The Use of ‘Black Humor’ in the Installations of Adel Abidin.” Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism special issue, The Aesthetics of Atrocity, Summer 2011

“Retrotranslations of Post-transsexuality, Notions of Regret.” Journal of Visual Culture (6) April 2007

“Embodying a Transsexual Alphabet.” Joe Boone & Karin Quimby, eds., Queer Frontiers: Millennial Geographies, Genders and Generations, University of Wisconsin Press, 2000

“Case Histories,” Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism (26), May 1999

“Transseksuaalisen koiran ajatuksenjuoksua” [Preambles of a Transsexual Dog]. Taava Koskinen, ed., Kurtisaaneista kunnian naisiin [From courtesans to honorable women], University of Helsinki Press, 1997


"Case Histories," Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism

"Retrotranslations of Post-Transsexuality, Notions of Regret," The Journal of Visual Culture


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