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A Bachelor of Arts Degree in English


  • creative writing course options
  • technical writing course options


We contribute to interdisciplinary programs leading to


Undergraduate Advisor: Steve Kunert (skunert@oregonstate.edu)

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A Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with emphases in

  • Fiction writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Creative non-fiction


A Master of Arts in English with two areas of concentration


A Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Areas of concentration in literature and
culture and rhetoric, writing, and culture
are readily combined with a third area
such as in history, languages, education, speech/com/theatre, and related arts and sciences fields.

Graduate Minor

Graduate Minors in the School of Writing, Literature,
and Film are offered for both PhD students (who
must take 18 credits in our program) and MA students
(who must take 15 credits in our program). Students
who wish to minor in either Literature & Culture or
Rhetoric, Writing, & Culture make independent
arrangements for advising with the member of our
graduate faculty with whom they plan to work. That
person oversees their course selections and must sit
as a full voting member on their graduate committee.

In the School of Writing, Literature, and Film we pride ourselves on providing vibrant and forward-looking learning environments for the study of textual disciplines and complex literacies.

We offer a variety of undergraduate programs, including an English major grounded in both historical study and inter-cultural connections across periods and genres.  We offer a writing minor (oncampus and ecampus) with broad applicability to law, science, or technical fields, as well as creative fields of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction writing.

We make English, writing, and film studies go to work.  Our exit surveys since 2008 tell us that are students are planning—and succeeding—in challenging professions and careers in education, writing, journalism, publishing, medicine, library and information sciences, law, and technical research.

The School is home to some of the largest and most long-established undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts.

As of fall term, 2011, we have over 360 English undergraduate majors and writing minors (combined).

As of fall term, 2011, we have 48 graduate students (MA, MFA, MAIS combined).    The majority of MA and all MFA students receive full funding through graduate teaching assistantships or grants and fellowships.  Graduate students also have opportunities for internships in a wide variety of interdisciplinary programs and centers, including the Writing Intensive Curriculum, the Women’s Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Academic Success Center.

Our students come from fifty states and ten countries.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs distinctively emphasize

  • Interdisciplinary approaches that connect English to  fields of study across the arts and sciences
  • High-impact learning opportunities through a range of internships, teaching and tutorial experience, and study abroad programs
  • A productive and nationally-visible faculty of scholars and teachers dedicated to student success
  • Opportunities for participation in a rich cultural life in OSU/Corvallis and up and down the Willamette Valley, with an engaged community of readers, writers and film-goers and multiple readings, performances, lectures, and cinema events

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Writing, Literature, & Film 238 Moreland Hall 541.737.3244
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