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Writing 341/441 Poetry Writing

In this course you will be asked to focus on and further refine the skills gained in introductory poetry writing:  recognizing the poetic subject, using vivid and accurate language, creating appropriate metaphors and imagery, breaking lines effectively, and maximizing the musicality and rhythmic intensity of your lines.

Because the course is also designed to give you a richer understanding of poetic traditions, I will ask you to explore the opportunities provided by certain “modes” that have been practiced over the years, and to read with historical breadth into the tradition of these forms and modes.  You will write a litany or list poem, a portrait or “autobiography” poem, a poem of praise, a poem on a photograph, and a poetic sequence of at least three parts. At least 3 of your poems will be workshopped by the whole class during the course of the quarter. 441 students will be offered more challenging variations on these projects, and will be required to complete other assignments.

You will be asked to complete writing exercises, some of which we will start during class time, and critique letters for a select group of your peers. The final graded portfolio will consist of 5 poems (the initial draft, a middle version, and a final draft), introduced by a one page reflection on your growth as a writer.

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