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Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis
Professor of English
Email: jlewis at oregonstate.edu
Jon Lewis is a professor in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film at Oregon State University where he has taught film and cultural studies since 1983. He has published eight books: The Road to Romance and Ruin: Teen Films and Youth Culture, which won a Choice Magazine Academic Book of the Year Award; Whom God Wishes to Destroy … Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood; The Jon LewisNew American Cinema; Hollywood v. Hard Core: How the Struggle over Censorship Saved the Modern Film Industry, a New York Times New and Noteworthy paperback; The End of Cinema as We Know It: American Film in the Nineties, American Film: A History, Looking Past the Screen: Case Studies in American Film History and for the British Film Institute’s Film Classics series, The Godfather.

Professor Lewis has appeared in two theatrically released documentaries on film censorship: Inside Deep Throat (Fenton Bailey, 2005) and This Film is Not Yet Rated (Kirby Dick, 2006). Between 2002 and 2007, Professor Lewis was editor of Cinema Journal and had a seat on the Executive Council of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

Jinying Li

Jinying Li
Assistant Professor of English
Email: jinying.li at oregonstate.edu

Jinying Li studies film, animation, and digital culture in the current transnational/trans-media context, with specialization in contemporary East Asia. Her teaching and research interests include Asian cinema, anime (Japanese animation), otaku (geek) culture, participatory fandom, piracy networks, and trans-media interfaces. Her current book project, titled Global Geekdom, interrogates various aspects of anime and otaku culture, including fandom activities, peer-to-peer global circulations, and narrative/visual aesthetics, as the cultural manifestation of a fast rising global geekdom movement under the techno-economic conditions of the information age. Another project she has been engaged with is examining the cultural practice of media piracy along the emergence of a digital generation—dubbed “D-Generation” —in contemporary China. Her essays on anime, piracy, digital media, and Asian films have been published in Mechademia, The International Journal of Communication, and Film International, and will appear in a forthcoming issue of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.    She received her BA from Peking University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Cinema Studies at New York University.

Jinying is also a filmmaker who has worked on animations, feature films, and documentaries. Two documentary series that she recently produced, Fashion Expression (2011) and Creative Future (2012), were broadcasted nationwide in China through Shanghai Media Group (SMG). In addition, She has worked as a journalist for Variety China, and has been a consulting curator for China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA) in Beijing.

 Sebastian Heiduschke
Sebastian Heiduschke

Assistant Professor of German
Email: Sebastian.Heiduschke_at_oregonstate.edu
Sebastian Heiduschke is based in the School of Language, Culture and Society. He teaches the cinemas of German speaking countries from the silent era to the present, along with classes in film subtitling. Although his research specialty is East German Cinema, he has also published on the German film comedy, German film in Mystery Science Theater 3000, German versions of the teen rebel film, and the city in contemporary German cinema. Two recent DVD releases of East German films feature his introductory essays. In the Corvallis film community, Sebastian is best known for the regular programming of both eccentric and popular film series.


Nabil Boudraa
Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Email: Nabil.Boudraa_at_oregonstate.edu

Nabil Boudraa

Cover of Francophone Cultures Book

Nabil Boudraa is Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Oregon State University. Nabil's teaching and research interest include French and Francophone literature and film. He recently co-authored Francophone Cultures Through Film (2013) through Focus Publishing. This book offers close analysis of several films from various Francophone countries. He has also published articles in French and in English on Albert Camus, Berber oral poetries, William Faulkner and Maghrebian literature.


Affiliate faculty in Film Studies also include the following:

Dave Bernell
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Email: david.bernell_at_oregonstate.edu

Patti Duncan
Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Email: Patti.Duncan_at_oregonstate.edu

Mihra Shirazi
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
Email: Mehra.Shirazi_at_oregonstate.edu

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