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Moreland Hall

Visitors to Moreland Hall summer 2013 and fall /winter 2013-14 will see the vision of the new lobby unfold:

--Summer 2013 – Central structures in lobby knocked down, opening up 1600 square feet of lobby space

--Fall 2013 – Stairs, floors, and new lighting installed in the Moreland Lobby

--Fall/Winter 2013 – Furnishings, display space for the work of the School, student activity space

Dating back to 1917,  Moreland Hall is one of OSU’s oldest original buildings, designed  by Northwest architect John Bennes, as part of the classic  “park block” layout for the campus conceived by Frederick Law Olmstead’s New York firm.  Until the 1970s, Moreland was the home of the Forestry Department. For over forty years, Moreland has been the home of the English Department.  The building now houses English faculty, writing instructors, the MFA Program in Creative Writing, the film program, and more.

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