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New titles by school faculty represent the full spectrum of scholarly and creative endeavors in creative writing, writing and rhetoric, literary studies, and film studies.


The Next Thing Always Belongs


The Next Thing Always Belongs
by Chris Anderson

"Chris Anderson asks the big questions in The Next Thing Always Belongs, and answers them the way only poetry can: with the ineffable incense of confession and wild leaps of juxtaposition.  These poems are parables, told in the impossible logic of dreams.  The result is a collection that circles the incomprehensible, and manages a grasp both fleeting and everlasting--a collection that demands to be read and reread over the course of a lifetime."

Tim Green, editor of Rattle




Talking Shop


Talking Shop: The Language of Craft in an Age of Consumption
by Peter Betjemann

Talking Shop describes how we got to the point that almost anything, from cappuccinos to supermarket bread, can be marketed and sold as "artisanal." The roots of this phenomenon, the book argues, can be found in the literary period between 1840 and 1920.




Everyone's an Author

Everyone’s an Author
by Lisa Ede

Everyone’s an Author is a first-year writing textbook that aims to guide student writers as they take on the responsibilities, challenges, and joys of authorship in the twenty-first century.



The Oregon Experiment

The Oregon Experiment
by Keith Scribner

East Coast transplants to small-town Oregon, Scanlon has a position at the local university—teaching mass movements and domestic radicalism—and Naomi is pregnant with their first child. Their new life unravels into turmoil when they meet Clay, a troubled young anarchist who adores Naomi. A love song to the Pacific Northwest, The Oregon Experiment explores the contemporary civil war between desire and betrayal, the political and the personal.








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