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ENG 199 Global Cinema

English 199 Global Cinema

This course surveys the arts and history of international cinemas produced in the non-western world. Beginning with the invention of the medium in 1895 and its international expansion beyond the US, we conclude with the rise of global “New Waves” and the Third-World cinemas in the 1960s. The class will examine histories, practices, styles, major themes, genres of national and regional cinemas, from Japan to China, from Bollywood to Brazil. Through weekly readings, screen-ings, and discussions, we will explore how this wide range of popular and avant-garde films were produced, and how these films can be interpreted in relations to broader social and po-litical questions (nationalism, representation, and resistance). Key filmmakers we will introduce include Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, with titles such as Ugetsu, Tokyo Story, Rashomon, The Apu Trilogy, and others.

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