Jameson Course Descriptions

Writing 323

English Composition: Writing and the reading of writing are social processes that encourage readers to interpret and respond to texts in varied, unique, and often complex ways. By comparison with academic writing for scholarly audiences and public discourse for social issues – such as editorials in the New York Times, WR 323 focuses on the ways and places where people converse intellectually and stylishly about ideas and culture.   By reading and responding to essays and articles from intellectual and literary magazines, you will enter this ongoing conversation of ideas with a heightened awareness of style and the way in which language is used to clearly and gracefully articulate one’s own worldview.  The course challenges you to develop and expand your own elegant writing style(s), focusing on clarity, shape, tone, and details through two formal essays, an extended Reading Journal, and a Media Project.  Workshops, conferences, and peer review will help you revise and polish your work.  We will have library visits and some “hybrid days.”
Required texts:  Zinsser, On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition & Course Packet available at OSU Bookstore
At least one PRINT copy each of Atlantic; Harper’s; New Yorker magazines to bring to class.  Try any bookstore or newsstand.  Online access will not count.


Writing 383

Food Writing: In this course, students will learn and practice the many approaches to writing about food issues for a variety of audiences, including print and digital publishing sites, adapting the materials and texts as needed to become increasingly sophisticated critical thinkers and writers who can shape material effectively.  The course will also address the evolution of food science and food studies from a historical and cultural as well as aesthetic background.  A wide range of topics will be addressed, including the role of food with culture and agriculture, history and geography, science and technology, family and social justice, art, and personal enjoyment.  These are all areas in which OSU has taken leadership with food issues and which the OSU library and archives are well prepared.  In addition to lecture and in-class assignments we will have on-line activities, film, and field trips to local food events.
Required texts: Zinsser On Writing Well; Hughes, editor Best Food Writing 2010; Pollan In Defense of Food; Bring a print copy of a food magazine


Writing 518

Teaching Practicum: Business: