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Science and Technology Policy

In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis among decision makers, interest groups, and citizens about the importance of science-based public policy at local, regional, national, and international levels of governance. As a response to these developments, the MPP program offers a new Science Policy concentration, which trains new professionals how to integrate groundbreaking science into emerging policies, practices and understandings of the world.

The Science and Technology Policy Concentration Advisor is Professor Denise Lach.

Science and Technology Policy Faculty for PhD student committees.

OSU Space Grant Program:

OSU College of Science:

Minimum 16 credit hours of the following courses:

  • PS 576-Science and Politics [4 credits]
  • SOC 556-Science and Technology in Social Context [4 credits]


  • HSTS 518-Science and Society [3 credits]
  • HSTS 519-Studies in Scientific Controversy [3 credits]
  • HSTS 521-Technology and Change [3 credits]
  • HSTS 522-Historical Studies of Science and Politics [3 credits]
  • PHL 570-Philosophy of Science [4 credits]
  • PHL 574-Philosophy of Biology [4 credits]
  • PHL 547-Research Ethics [4 credits]
  • SOC 521-Social Change and Modernization [4 credits]
  • WRP 524-Socio-Technological Aspects of Water [3 credits]