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Faculty Listing by Program:


Economics Program

Name Contact Information PhD Institution Policy Areas
Patrick Emerson
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-1479
Cornell University

International development; industrial, labor, urban and environmental economics; policy analysis.

Rolf Färe
Phone: (541) 737-8184
University of Lund Production theory and performance measurement.
Jenny Lin
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-1089
University of Michigan International Policy
B. Starr McMullen
Phone: (541) 737-1480
University of California,
Transportation economics, public policy analysis, industry structure, competitiveness, and regulation.
Qinglai Meng
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-8744
New York University Macroeconomics.

Todd Pugatch
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-6628
University of Michigan Labor economics, development economics and education economics.
Elizabeth Schroeder
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-1476 
Georgetown University Applied microeconomics and development.
Paul Thompson
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-8185
Michigan State University Social Policy
Carol Horton Tremblay
Phone: (541) 737-1468
Washington State University Public policy analysis, econometrics, economics of U.S. brewing industry.
Victor J. Tremblay
Phone: (541) 737-1471
Washington State University

Industrial organization, microeconomics, the economics of advertising, and the economics of the U.S. brewing and cigarette industries.


Political Science Program

Name Contact Information PhD Institution Policy Areas
Keith Baker
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-3648
University of Birmingham Energy Policy
Amy Below
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-6280
University of Southern California International relations, foreign policy, foreign policy analysis, international environmental politics.
David Bernell
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-2811
Johns Hopkins University International policy, foreign relations, energy, environment, Latin America
James Foster
Phone: (541) 713-1268
University of Washington Constitutional law, administrative law, gender and law, and American political thought. 
Sarah Henderson
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-6236
University of Colorado Russia/Central and Eastern Europe, Democratization, Civil Society, Gender and Postcommunism
Alison Johnston
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-62343 
London School of Economics Comparative politics and economics
Michael Jones
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-3655
University of Birmingham, UK Social Policy
Philipp Kneis
Assistant Graduate Program Director, Instructor
Phone: (541) 737-1325
University of Potsdam, Germany International, Social and Cultural politics
Hua-Yu Li
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-6235
Columbia University China's political economy in the early 1950s, Sino-Soviet relations, the CCP and its evolution and change.
Robert Sahr
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-6238
Massachusetts Institute of
Political communication, especially media coverage of presidents and of such complex public policy topics as economics, budget, taxes, and energy.
Rorie Solberg
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-2811
Ohio State University Judicial Politics.
Brent S. Steel
Professor & Graduate Program Director
Phone: (541) 737-6133
Washington State
International and comparative environmental policy, comparative rural policy, science and scientists in the policy process, state and local governance.
Andrew Valls
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-9577
University of Pittsburgh Political theory, especially theories of justice and democracy, domestic and global inequality, race and ethnicity, environmental political theory.
Edward Weber
Ulysses Dubach Professor of Environmental Policy
Phone: (541) 737-2811
University of Wisconsin, Madison  Environmental politics and policy, public administration, science and politics.


Sociology Program

Name Contact Information PhD Institution Policy Areas
Scott Akins
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-5370
Washington State

Criminology and deviance, drug use and policy, research methods.

Hilary Boudet
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-2641
Stanford University Social movements, environmental policy, energy policy.
Brett Burkhardt
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-2310
University of Wisconsin, Madison Sociology of law, law and society, political sociology, criminal justice and criminology. 
Lori Cramer
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-5382
Utah State University Natural resource sociology, environmental sociology, social impact assessment, rural sociology.
Mark Edwards
Phone: (541) 737-5379
University of Washington

Poverty and inequality, food security, sociology of housing, research methods.

Sally Gallagher
Phone: (541) 737-5367
University of Massachusetts,
Work and family, gender, sociology of religion, international development.
Roger Hammer
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-5406
University of Wisconsin,
Ecological demography, rural sociology, migration, housing.
Allison Hurst
Assistant Professor
Phone: (541) 737-3391
University of Oregon Social Policy
Michelle Inderbitzin
Associate Professor
Phone: (541) 737-8921
University of Washington Juvenile delinquency, criminology, deviant behavior and social control, sociology of education.
Denise Lach
Professor and Director of School of Public Policy

University of Oregon Environmental natural resource sociology, applied sociology including social impact assessment, program evaluation, and organizational development, organizational sociology, water conflict and dispute resolution.
Dwaine Plaza
Phone: (541) 737-5369
York University (Canada) Caribbean studies, migration and settlement, race and ethnic relations.
Rebecca Warner
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Phone: (541) 737-0732 
Washington State University Gender and family policy; science policy; comparative and international gender policy.