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Diversity and International Programs

ICRPS 2012

The PhD in Public Policy Program at OSU is a strong ally and advocate for students from diverse backgrounds and offers the opportunity for students to participate in a wide range of interdisciplinary inquiry on policy that affects diverse communities.

We are striving to provide a truly multicultural, diverse and international learning environment. For this purpose, we have been partnering with Intercultural Students Services, with OSU International Programs, and with several international partners.

We provide a variety of funding sources and scholarships for excellent students from any background.

We also offer a close mentoring relationship between our students and faculty. Joint policy-related and social events throughout the academic year offer regular opportunities for an active academic and personal exchange, and contribute to a strong sense of community and fellowship.

Several programs directly address issues of international and domestic diversity:

Transatlantic Summer School

The Transatlantic Summer Schools are a program of short-term academic exchanges for undergraduate students that provides a space for the discussion of topics of contemporary relevance in an interdisciplinary, experiential and transatlantic setting. Students of the humanities, including Political Science, Cultural and Literary Studies, History, Education, and others, are working together in order to approach political and historical topics with a strong relation to present-day cultural and public policy issues. They are furthermore provided with an outlook into professional and practical applications of their academic training.

PhD students will be charged with helping to organize the undergraduate program.

The PhD program partners with Intercultural Students Services at OSU to create a diverse group of participants. Our international partners come from the American Studies Program at Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany, and from the American Studies Center at Warsaw University, Poland.

International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer School

The International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) program brings together a diverse, international, multi-disciplinary group of faculty, students and professionals to study together the many facets of rural policy, from policy formulation to policy impacts.

Web Site: ICRPS

Social Justice Conference

PhD students are encouraged to hold presentations and interact with speakers and fellow students at the annual Social Justice Conference, hosted by Intercultural Students Services in cooperation with the Holocaust Memorial Week.

Cultural Centers

OSU maintains a variety of Cultural Centers which serve an active community of domestic and international students. Our faculty regularly participate in events hosted by the centers.

Web Sites:

Diversity Workshops

All PhD students take part in workshops addressing questions of cultural, ethnic, social and sexual diversity. The Social Policy concentration allows for further specialization in solving contemporary challenges to maintaining a diverse culture and society.