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Brief Vitae



  • Ph.D. Sociology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1993 
  • M.S. Sociology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1988
  • B.S. Psychology/Sociology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, 1985

Teaching and Research Interests:

  • Natural Resource Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Rural Sociology, Social Impact Assessment, Community Development

Selected Publications:

  • Aswani, S., Christie, P., Muthiga, N.A., Mahon, R., Primavera, J.H, Cramer,  L.A., Barbier, E.B., Granek, E.F., Kennedy, C. Wolanski, E. Hacker, S.D.  2012 (Available online March 31, 2011). “The Way Forward with Ecosystem Based Management in Tropical Contexts: Reconciling with Existing Management Systems.” Marine Policy 36(1)1-10.
  • Granek, E.F., Polasky, S., Kappel, C.V., Reed, D.J., Stoms, D.M., Koch, E.W., Kennedy, C.J., Cramer, L.A., Hacker, S.D., Barbier, E.B., Aswani, S., Ruckelshaus, M., Perillo, G.M., Silliman, B.R., Muthiga, N., Bael, D., and Wolanski, E. 2010. "Ecosystem Services as a Common Language for Coastal Ecosystem- Based Management." Conservation Biology 24(1):207-216.
  • Barbier, E.B., Koch, E.W., Silliman, B.R., Hacker, S.D., Wolanski, E., Primavera, J., Granek, E.F., Polasky, S., Aswani, S., Cramer, L.A., Stoms, D.M., Kennedy, C.J., Bael, D., Kappel, C.V., Perillo, G.M. and Reed, D.J. 2008. “Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management with Nonlinear Ecological Functions and Values.” Science 319:321-323.
  • Davis, S. and L.A. Cramer. 2006. Perceptions of domestic animals: A national survey of producers and the public. Pgs. 305-318 in: Philosophy and Ethics: New Research. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2000. “Community infrastructure and the development of human capital: A Pacific view.” Pps. 57-68 in Susan Hanna and Madeleine Hall-Arber (Eds.) Change and Resilience in Fishing. Oregon Sea Grant Publishers, Corvallis, OR.
  • Shindler, B. and L.A. Cramer. 1999 "Changing public values: Consequences for Pacific northwest forestry." Western Journal of Applied Forestry 13(1):28-34.
  • Krannich, R.S., R.L. Little and L.A. Cramer. 1993. "Rural community residents' views of nuclear waste siting in Nevada." Pps. 263-287 in R.E. Dunlap, M.E. Kraft and E.A. Rosa (eds.) Public Reactions to Nuclear Waste: Citizens' Views of Repository Siting. Duke University Press. 
  • Cramer, L.A., R.S. Krannich, J.J. Kennedy and T. Quigley. 1993. "Changing forest service values and their implications for land management decisions affecting resource dependent communities." Rural Sociology, 58(3):475-491.

Honors & Awards:

  • 1999 Rural Sociological Society Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 1998 College of Liberal Arts Researcher of the Year, Oregon State University