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Sociology on-campus and e-campus last name M-Z

McKenzie Pfeifer

307 Fairbanks Hall
Email: McKenzie.pfeifer@oregonstate.edu




Sociology e-campus last name A-L

Helen Fleming

303D Ballard Extension
Email: Helen.Fleming@oregonstate.edu to make an appointment




Advising Tips:

  • Write down any questions you would like to ask when you have your appointment.
  • Review your schedule of classes.  Write down classes you are interested in taking.
  • Think about your goals - graduating by a certain time, studying abroad, internships, etc.
  • Make a list of your other commitments - work, family responsibilities, athletic practice, Greek life, military training, student organizations, band practice, etc.  This will help keep a balance between your academic plans and your other commitments each term. 
  • More advising tips available from First Year Experience.  Click here to link to First Year Experience Advising.