The History Students Association

History Students Association

The History Students' Association, under the leadership of Joanna Lucille Geasey, Mike Jager, Samantha Van Allen, Carly Clark, and Ashley Eckert continues to be active in 2013-2014 across the school, hosting a career fair and the undergraduate research conference in the Spring. We also have plans for collaborative projects, fundraising, and trips.

We are currently working on planning an overnight trip to Astoria in the near future.

We're working with Camp Adair to host a Swing Dance event on April 5, 2014. Period clothes (WWII) are required! We will also be doing a simulated radio broadcast from the era.

We are now accepting payments/orders for HSA shirts.

What you will do in the club this year:

  • Make new friends
  • Watch movies
  • Plan and attend fundraising events
  • Debate
  • Play trivia games
  • Plan the History Career Fair
  • Plan the Undergraduate History Conference

Benefits of Membership:

  • Meet people in your major
  • Study and share notes
  • Learn about career options in history, grad school and internships
  • Active membership in a club looks good on a resume!
  • Learn about future classes and your history professors
  • Peer tutoring and course evaluation
  • End of term paper share and peer review
  • List serve e-mail membership
  • Stay in touch using our Facebook group
  • Historical film viewings
  • Road trips to historical sites and exhibits
  • Program meetings with guest speakers
  • Fundraising and recruitment activities
  • Group tours of Valley Library Special Collections



Club meetings are held Mondays at 16:00 (4:00 PM) in _____(TBA).

We now meet during the first week of the term.

The final meeting (during dead week) is at McMenamins on Monroe!)

Join our Facebook group for meeting updates and event information!

Take a look at the ibooks Mike and his people made, and come to meetings to get involved in the creation of more.