History Major: BA and HBA

Total hours required: 49, including 33 upper division
Students must take 16 credits of lower-division survey classes or equivalent upper-division courses with approval.
One survey class must be pre-1800.

List of courses that can be used to fill History major requirements

IMPORTANT NOTES: History of Science courses can count toward History major requirements. History and History of Science courses taken online do not fulfill History major requirements.

Survey Courses (16 total credits from the below)
HRS Course Course Name
4 HST 101 Western Civilization
4 HST 102 Western Civilization
4 HST 103 Western Civilization
3 HST 104 World Civilization
3 HST 105 World Civilization
3 HST 106 World Civilization
4 HST 201 United States
4 HST 202 United States
4 HST 203 United States
Major Courses
HRS Course Course Name
4 HST 310* Historian's Craft
5 HST 407* Seminar
European  History
HRS Course Course Name
US History
HRS Course Course Name
Non-European, Non-US History
HRS Course Course Name
Additional Upper-Division Electives
HRS Course Course Name

*HST 310 and 407 must be passed with a C or better.

All History majors must take all History courses for graded credit. They may not be taken for S/U credit.
History of Science courses (HSTS) count for History credit toward the major.

HST courses may not be used BY HISTORY MAJORS to fulfill CLA or BAC Core requirements.

A minimum 2.0 GPA in all history classes is required for majors.

If you think you might want to pursue a minor, you will want to consider carefully which courses you use to fulfill your Baccalaureate Core and your Liberal Arts distribution requirements.
If you think you might want to pursue a pre-teaching program, you will want to consult with an advisor about recommended electives because several of these may be used to fulfill Bac Core requirements.

Your undergraduate history advior, David Bishop, is ready to help you with any and all questions about majoring or minoring in philosophy.  Email him at david.bishop@oregonstate.edu, or stop by his office at Milam 322B.