SHPR Faculty maintain a high research and publishing profile with books, monographs, edited volumes, translations, and journal articles as well as continual conference presentations and publications.   Recent highlights include:

Medicine and Religion

Medicine and Religion:
A Historical Introduction

Gary Ferngren

Johns Hopkins
University Press, 2014

"An important book, for students of Christian theology who understand health and healing to be topics of theological interest, and for health care practitioners who seek a historical perspective on the development of the ethos of their vocation."

Journal of Religion and Health



Violent Delights

Violent Delights, Violent Ends:
Sex, Race, and Honor in Colonial Cartagena de Indias

Nicole von Germeten

University of New Mexico Press, 2013

"Strong images, beautiful writing, clear analysis. An excellent example of historical writing at its best."

-- Ricardo R Salazar


Freedom's Frontier: California and the Struggle over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and Reconstruction


Freedom's Frontier:
California and the Struggle
Over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and Reconstruction

Stacey Smith

UNC Press, 2013

"Smith combines lucid prose, meticulous research, and compelling argument to reveal how the labor of unfree Indians, Chinese, African Americans, and others built a California that has for too long hidden behind its free state myths, even as it shapes modern policies of race and immigration control."

--Louis S. Warren,
W. Turrentine Jackson Professor of Western U.S. History, University of California, Davis

Arming Mother Nature

Arming Mother Nature:
The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism

Jacob Darwin Hamblin

Oxford University Press, 2013

"Well researched in U.S. and European archives, it finds the roots of modern apocalyptic environmentalism in the hair-raising deeds and often hare-brained schemes of an American scientific-military complex under pressure to find ways to prevail against the USSR."

-J.R. McNeill,
Georgetown University

Ava Helen Pauling


Ava Helen Pauling
Partner, Activist, Visionary 

Mina Carson

OSU Press, 2013

"Carson has done the scholarly community a great service with this comprehensive and readable biography of a remarkable woman."

--Ed Battistella, Amazon.Com Review


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The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Military and Diplomatic History


The Oxford Encyclopedia of American
Military and Diplomatic History

Edited by Timothy Lynch, David Milne,
and Christopher McKnight Nichols

Oxford University Press, 2013.


“At a time of war, in which ongoing efforts to recalibrate American diplomacy are as imperative as they are perilous, this Oxford Encyclopedia is the first recourse for scholars wishing to deepen their understanding of the crucial features of the historical and contemporary foreign policy landscape and its perennially martial components.”

                         --Oxford Press

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Regimental Practice

Regimental Practice
by John Buchanan, M.D.:
An 18th-century Medical
Diary and Manual
(The History of Medicine in Context)

Paul Kopperman (ed)
Ashgate, 2012

"Since his early publications, Kopperman’s research has demonstrated that mid-century British military medicine was organised and coherent, and that
care for even the lowest ranks involved more than mere bleeding or harsh purgatives."

-- Erica Charters,
Oxford University
Social History of Medicine,
Vol 26, No 3, August 2013

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Ethical Adaption to Climate Change:


Ethical Adaption to Climate Change:
Human Virtues of the Future.

Allen Thompson
(co-editor with
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer)
MIT Press, 2012

"...The insights of ecology and the demands of justice are bound together by the increasingly influential idea of virtue, and the grounding of all this in institutional redesign makes this one of the most original climate change books of recent times."

--Andrew Dobson, Professor of Politics, Keele University, UK

Michael Polanyi


Michael Polanyi and His Generation: Origins of the Social
Construction of Science

Mary Jo Nye
University of Chicago Press, 2011.

“This long-awaited volume is a masterpiece of historical research, cultural and political exposition, and analytical insight.”

--Dieter Hoffmann,
Max Planck Institute for the
History of Science in Berlin

Promise and Peril


Promise and Peril:
America at the Dawn
of a Global Age

Christopher McKnight Nichols,
Harvard University Press, 2011

"Nichols has accomplished a major feat, demonstrating that isolationism was a far richer and more complex intellectual tradition than its critics have ever imagined—one that still speaks to our own time...

—Jackson Lears, The Nation

Moral Ground


Moral Ground:
Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril

Kathleen Dean Moore,
Trinity University Press, 2011


Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the Austrian Idea


Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the Austrian Idea: Essays and Address, 1906-1929

David Luft,
(Translator and Editor)
Purdue University Press, 2011

"David S. Luft’s richly contextualized and evocative translations...offer a fresh resource to those outside the German language in the study of modernism and Luft’s choice of essays and addresses make this compendium a long overdue resource..."

    -- Robert Dassanowsky,
University of Colorado
at Colorado Springs

Nature's Northwest


Nature's Northwest
The North Pacific Slope in
the Twentieth Century

William Robbins
(co-author with OSU History
Alumnus Katrine Barber)
University of Arizona Press, 2011

"Echoing themes from Robbins's earlier work, this synthesis situates Oregon state history within a broader, transnational context..."

-- Max G. Geier,
Western Oregon University;
H-Net Reviews

Ballads and Broadsides


Ballads and Broadsides in Britain, 1500-1800

Anita Guerrini,
(co-editor with
Patricia Fumerton & Kris McAbee)

Ashgate, 2010


"Early modern English broadside ballads hovered between oral and print traditions, text and song, artifact and performance, high and low entertainment, and truth and fiction. The chapters in this diverse collection engage with the liminality of ballad culture from 1500 to 1800 in England and the New World..."

Sarah F. Williams, Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 Volume 35, Number 2, Fall 2011

Natural Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish


The Natural Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish: Reason and Fancy in the Scientific Revolution

Lisa Sarasohn,
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010

"Sarasohn provides by far the fullest and most detailed account of Margaret Cavendish's natural philosophy to date, making thsi book indispensable reading for all scholars not only of Cavendish, but of early modern scientific culture."

—Rebecca Bullard,
Review of English Studies