2009| The UN Declaration of Human Rights at 60

2009:  The UN Declaration of Human Rights at 60

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  • January 15 - Bill Uzgalis, Philosophy, Oregon State University, "How Human Rights Came About: Some History and some Philosophy”
  • January 22 - Ibrahim Gassama, Law, University of Oregon, “The Declaration at 60: The Journey from Rights to Goals”
  • January 29 - David Reidy, Philosophy, University of Tennessee and Michael Blake, Philosophy and Public Policy, University of Washington, “Humanitarian Intervention and Human Rights—A Dialogue”
  • February 5 - J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Philosophy, Hartwick College,  “Human Rights and Linguistic Subterfuge in the Bush League”
  • February 12 - Jorge Valadez, Philosophy, Our Lady of the Lake University, “Immigration, Human Rights, and Global Justice Framework”
  • February 19 - Lani Roberts, Philosophy, Oregon State University, “Are Women Human Yet? (With a Nod to Catharine MacKinnon)”
  • February 26 - Ruth Vargas Forman, Torture Treatment Center of Oregon, OHSU, “Sequels of Political Violence in Refugees: Providing Reparation and Treatment with the Human Rights Frame”
  • March 5 - Steven Vanderheiden, Philosophy, University of Colorado,  Co-sponsored by the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word.  “Environmental Degradation as a Human Rights Issue”
  • March 12 - Panel discussion, poster session and reception.  

(this event was co-sponsored by the Health Equity Alliance) “Health, Health Care, and Justice”