2005| The Examined Meal

Ideas Matter 2005:  The Examined Meal

Thursday, January 20 - Hunger in Oregon: What We Know, What to Do

  • Joan Gross, OSU Anthropology
  • Bruce Weber, OSU AREC
  • Courtney Campbell, OSU Philosophy

Thursday, January 27 - Ethics, Economics, and Animal Husbandry: Can They Coexist .  Candace Croney, OSU Animal Science

Thursday, February 3 - Last Supper: Final Meal requests of US death row inmates.  Julie Green, OSU Art

Thursday, February 10 - Bread and God, Spirit and Justice, in the Bible .  Marc Borg, OSU Philosophy

Thursday, February 17 - American Philosophy of Agriculture: A Guided Tour from Thomas Jefferson to Wendell Berry.  Paul Thompson, Michigan State, Philosophy & Agriculture

Thursday, February 24 - Feasting and Fasting in a Globalized Marketplace .  Gary Nabhan, Northern Arizona University, Enter for Sustainable Environments

Thursday, March 3 - Beliefs About Food: What Can Food Do for You?
Melinda Manore, OSU Nutrition

Thursday, March 10 - The Unexamined Meal is Not Worth Eating
Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College, Philosophy