1993 | Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

1993 | Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

In celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the OSU Philosophy Department, we examined the nature and development of a variety of aspects of twentieth century philosophy.


The changing nature of the philosophical enterprise and the rise of new areas of interest as well as the development of new aspects of older areas of inquiry was the main theme of this series. Feminism, the environmental philosophy, and biomedical ethics all are new fields in the twentieth century.

Jon Dorbolo, Bill Uzgalis, Manuel Pacheco, and Charles Ippolito

A Meeting of the Minds:
A Discussion Amongst Philosophers from All Ages


The series began with a blast from the past -- (left) Descartes (Jon Dorbolo), Plato (Bill Uzgalis), Karl Marx (Manuel Pacheco) and Bertrand Russell (Charles Ippolito) all showed up to discuss their views about the significance of twentieth century philosophy from their own perspectives. They were questioned by moderator Kathleen Moore and one of our finest students, Carol Hansen.

Lani Roberts

From Invisibility to Inspiration: Feminism and Philosophy

Lani Roberts, OSU Philosophy

The development of a powerful feminist philosophy is one of the striking features of twentieth century philosophy.

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Peter List

Environmental Crisis and the Greening of Philosophy

Peter List, OSU Philosophy

The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed and increasing awareness that we are in the midst of an largely unprecedented environmental crisis. Peter List traces the rise of environmental philosophy in the 20th century as a response to that crisis.

John Perry

Meaning and the Self

John Perry, Stanford University

John Perry explored the contingency of self knowledge and the conditions under which such knowledge becomes necessary.

Wesley Salmon

Scientific Understanding in the 20th Century

Wesley Salmon, University of Pittsburgh

Beginning with the recounting of experiments in the early 20th century which turned atomism from a metaphysical to an empirical theory, Salmon traced a positivistic history of scientific understanding in the 20th century.

Courtney Campbell

How Medicine Saved the Life of Philosophy

Courtney Campbell, OSU Philosophy

Courtney Campbell traced the rise of a particular branch of applied philosophy, bio-medical ethics and explained how it reinvigorated philosophical thinking in the 20th century.

Hugo Bedau

The Recovery of Normativity in Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Hugo Bedau, Tufts University

Bedau traces the development of social Philosophy from what he regards as the waning days of the analytic, linguistic and ordinary language philosophy through the publication of Rawls' A Theory of Justice to the development of applied philosophy in the field of ethics.

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