Graduation is only the beginning!  Our alumni are a key players in the future of the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, the College of Liberal Arts, and throughout OSU.  We hope that your connection with our School and your participation in our programs doesn't end with graduation, but continues to grow throughout your life.    In addition to the events and programming offered through the OSU Alumni Association, there are a number of ways to nurture your ties to our School and to each other...




  • Have you received an award? Written a book? Are you newly married? Had a baby? Changed jobs? Received a promotion?
    Share it with your fellow alumni by sending your update.


Get involved

  • We are in the process of founding an 'Alumni Council' for the School.  Are you interested in lending your voice and energy to developing programs, regional events, awards and other activities for the benefit of fellow alumni and current students?  If so, indicate this on the update form or contact our Public Information Representative directly.

Give back

  • If you're thankful for the education you received at OSU and want to give back to your alma mater, consider making a gift to support our programs through the OSU Foundation.