AE: Graduate Research

Graduate students in Applied Ethics also undertake a supervised research project leading to a thesis.  

Below is a list of recent student graduates and their thesis topic/advisor.


Student Year Advisor Topic
Matt Gaddis 2013    
Adam Hughes 2013  Flo Leibowitz
Sean Creighton 2013 Jonathan Kaplan

Justifications for K-12 education standards, goals, and curriculum

Christopher Lenn


Joseph A. Orosco

The cage has two sides:
an ethical perspective of prison abolition

Natalie Laine Rich

Honor's Thesis)


Courtney Campbell

Intersections and Implications Between Medical, Philosophical and Moral Understandings of the Body and the Self

Jessica Cox
Courtney Campbell Hospice nurses as "midwives to the dying" : guiding life's important journeys
Luke Sugie
 Sharyn Clough

Toward a more ethical
engineering : four habits of highly ethical engineering practice

 Mark Fillmore  2008  Joseph Orosco
Cool Hunting: 
The Commodification of Creative Expression & the Alienation of Youth
  Aaron Hougham  2005   An Obroni's Observations:
Essays on the Roles of Physicians in Ghana
  Christian Matheis  2004
 Lani Roberts
Creating and Sustaining a Whole Community in Hierarchical Institutions