More than just what happened and why:  From the History and Philosophy of Science to Applied Ethics and Religion, our courses connect across the OSU campus providing a broad perspective and a unique insight into the issues facing our world.  Our students and faculty research on and collaborate with a wide array of disciplines from Oceanography to Nuclear Engineering - from Music to Environmental Science.  Our school provides students with a series of lenses though which they can examine the universe and their place in it.

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History Student Career Fair

A history degree is only the beginning to endless career possibilities!!  

The History Students’ Association is sponsoring a career fair to get you started.  There will be representatives from various…

The Philosophy of Rowing

Philosophers have been enamored with water from the 5th century pre-socratic Heraclitus who told us that 'we can not step into the same river twice,' to virtually every


The Holocaust and the Shaping of Israel

Many historians have claimed that groups and governments outside Nazi Europe did too little to try to rescue Jews during the…

"Forty" (A Play on the Armenian Genocide)

Among the genocides of the twentieth century, the one most often likened to the Holocaust is the Armenian Genocide of 1915-16. In both cases, a religious minority was targeted, and…
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