More than just what happened and why:  From the History and Philosophy of Science to Applied Ethics and Religion, our courses connect across the OSU campus providing a broad perspective and a unique insight into the issues facing our world.  Our students and faculty research on and collaborate with a wide array of disciplines from Oceanography to Nuclear Engineering - from Music to Environmental Science.  Our school provides students with a series of lenses though which they can examine the universe and their place in it.

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A Sonnet to an Anatomist

Sep 5, 2014

Montpellier surgeon Barthélémy Cabrol (1529-1603) first published his Alphabet anatomic in 1594. A series of tables that graphically represented the parts of the body, it was immensely popular, with eleven editions in the seventeenth century as well as translations into Latin and Dutch; the Dutch translation in 1633 was by Descartes’s friend and correspondent Vopiscus […] Read full story.

Roundtable on ‘Arming Mother Nature’

Sep 4, 2014

After editing a couple of dozen H-Environment roundtables himself, it is great to have one of Jake Hamblin’s own books, Arming Mother Nature, as the subject of one – this time guest-edited by Michael Egan of McMaster University. You can … Continue reading  Read full story.

“Guns in America” – a Constitution Day event

Sep 2, 2014

The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion will be hosting Oregon State Universities annual Constitution Day (9/17) event at 3pm the Memorial Union, La Raza Room.  This year, the topic will be “Guns in America.” Details to follow! Read full story.

Six months and two cameras later….

Aug 27, 2014

No, I haven’t gotten rid of any cameras. I probably should have. But that would mean making holes in my two systems, however flawed those systems may be. The Canon system is arguably the “better” system, as a DSLR with a couple of extra bodies, a handful of reliable prime lenses and several cheap but worthy […] Read full story.

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