2008| Who Owns the Sky? The Tragedy or Triumph of the Commons

2008: Who Owns the Sky? The Tragedy or Triumph of the Commons

Thriving forest, rich soil,clean air, fresh water, bountiful oceans--these are our common heritage. But in this thoroughly commodified and increasingly privatized world, the commons is everywhere diminished. Our challenge is to re-imagine the commons. How might our society be inspired to share both the gifts of the commons and the responsibility for their long-term well being?

Jan. 10 - The Commons: Issues and Quandaries: Cassandra Robertson, voice and guitar, Rob Birdwell, trumpet, Kathleen Dean Moore, philosophy, Charles Goodrich, poetry

Jan. 17 - Devon Pena, environmental anthropologist, University of Washington, author,  Mexican Americans and the Environment: Tierra y Vida

Jan. 24 - Eric Freyfogle, legal scholar, University of Illinois, author, The Land We Share: Private Property and the Common Good

Jan. 31 - Charles Wilkinson, environmental historian, University of Colorado, author, Blood Struggle: The Rise of Modern Indian Nations

Tuesday, Feb. 5 - SPECIAL EVENT -- Campus Carbon Challenge Kick-Off: Gary Braasch, photographerEarth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World - 7:00 pm, Withycombe 109

Feb. 7 - Ted Jojola (Pueblo), Regents Professor of Community and Regional Planning, University of Mexico

Feb. 14 - Mark Hixon, marine biologist, Oregon State University; chair, Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee

Friday, Feb. 15 - SPECIAL EVENT--Ann Pancake, novelist, Strange as this Weather Has Been, 7:00 pm, Valley Library Rotunda

Feb. 21 - Kim Stanley Robinson, novelist, the Mars Trilogy; Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below Zero, and Sixty Days and Counting

Feb. 28 - Mary Wood, environmental law, University of Oregon, author, Nature's Trust: A Legal Paradigm for Protecting Land and Natural Resources for Future Generations

March 6 - Local Commons' Advocates.  "The Local Commons and the Common Good: Land Trusts, Watershed Councils and the Conservation of Endangered Species"

  • John Bliss, Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry, Oregon State University
  • Nicole Duplaix, Coordinator, Luckiamute Watershed Council, Wildlife Biologist, Oregon State University 
  • Tom Kay , Research botanist, Director, Institute for Applied Ecology

March 13 - David Korten, Co-founder, Positive Futures Network; author, The Great Turning: From Earth Empire to Earth Community

Sponsored by: The Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word; and the OSU Department of Philosophy