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Recent PhD Students

Monica Hubbard, Environmental Science (2013) Dissertation: Oregon's Integrated Water Resource Planning: Public Knowledge, Risk Perception and Civil Society
Erika Wolters, Environmental Science (2012) Dissertation: Addressing the Future of Water in Oregon: A Look at the Human and Institutional Factors Shaping Oregon Water Management
Yao Yin, Environmental Science (2011) Dissertation: Understanding Community Wind Development in Oregon: An Integrated Analysis
Eugene Choi, Environmental Science (2011) Dissertation: Understanding Environmentalism in Six Asian Countries: An Analysis of the World Values Survey 
Maria Stefanovich Petrova, Environmental Science (2010) Dissertation: Determinants of Public Opinion on Renewable Energy: The Case of Wave Energy Development in Oregon
Valentina Fomenko, Environmental Science (2003) Dissertation: Public Support for Species Conservation Policies: Major Determinants in the Case of the Pacific Salmon Controversy

Current Students


Hillary Fishler, PhD student in Environmental Science

As a Doctoral student in the Environmental Sciences program, I am interested in private landowner behavior, wildfire policy and management, and ecological economics. I received my MPP at Oregon State University in 2012, and during this time - I worked with Jeff Kline from the Forest Service on non-industrial private forest landowners' motivations for adopting a new incentive program in Oregon. Before this, I worked as a grant writer, rock climbing instructor, and wilderness trip leader in my home state of Michigan
after receiving my B.A. in Writing at Grand Valley State University.

For me, OSU is the perfect place to experience the outdoors - (cycling, running, hiking, kayaking, climbing, etc) - while also studying it. The people I've met, connections I've made, and opportunities available to me at Oregon State in the realm of environmental policy and projects are seemingly endless. I've had the great fortune in participating in the Transatlantic Student Symposium, receiving the Laurels Scholarship, and working with multiple agencies in the Northwest - including the USDA Forest Service PNW Research Lab, Institute for Natural Resources, Carpe Diem West, and Earth Economics.

Suman Pant, PhD Student in Public Policy

I completed my MPP in Oregon State in 2012, and for my research I looked at the impact of ecotourism on the development (sanitation and access to drinking water) of local communities in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. Before coming to the US, I worked as a development officer in a non-profit for disadvantaged children in Nepal.

As a doctoral student in Public policy program, I am interested in community based natural resource management in developing countries, local empowerment and development through sustainable use of natural resources, and institutions (historical and existing) that facilitate engagement between local communities and policies.

Abdullah Husain, PhD Student in Environmental Science

I've been a student at Oregon State University since 2005. I first did my bachelor degree in environmental science with a minor in environmental law and policy. What interested me the most throughout the course of my studies was how complex and interdisciplinary environmental issues are so I decided to get into graduate school for my masters and PhD to further explore those complexities that are associated with global environmental issues and also those related to my home country, Kuwait. After surveying all environmental policies in Kuwait that could be linked to the different objectives of sustainable governance it turned out that laws cannot be very effective without a social structure in place that could help implement environmental laws. Now that I'm a PhD student I'll be looking more into how environmental policies can result in social change towards sustainable governance in a country like Kuwait where the energy consumption per capita is one of the highest in the world.

Outside of school I try to play soccer as much as I can. I also work as a union secretary with the US branch of the National Union of Kuwait Students where we have to represent over 4,000 Kuwaiti students in the U.S.

Casey L. Taylor, PhD Student in Environmental Science

Before coming to OSU, I spent time working variously as a biological field research technician in several states, an environmental educator for the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, and as an environmental program coordinator at Bennington College in Vermont. I graduated from Cornell University in 2004, and received an M.S. in Resource Management and Conservation Biology from the University of Michigan in 2008. For my master’s research, I studied biodiversity patterns among birds and insects in agricultural landscapes in southern Mexico.  

As a PhD student in the Environmental Science program, I am interested in how environmental scientists interact with public audiences during contentious policy debates. What roadblocks do scientists encounter in engaging in the public policy process? Are efforts by scientists to communicate their research to a broader audience effective? What role to funding institutions and universities play in facilitating a more engaged scientific community? Outside of academics, I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors, and I am looking forward to exploring all the beautiful places Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have to offer! I also have a fondness for cooking, baking, and curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee.