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Political Science student featured on NPR

Political Science major Brandon Southward was recently featured in the recent NPR story, "Breaking Ground in College Journalism," as one of two students to become the first black editors-in-chief of their college newspapers in Oregon.  For the full story visit:


Brandon Southward

Brandon Southward
Political Science
Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Barometer


Why did you decide to major in Political Science?

I decided to major in Political Science because I have had a love for politics since as long as I can remember. I grew up on the biographies of JFK, Lincoln and watching the history channel's series on the U.S. presidents. I remember the 1996 election between Bob Dole  and Bill Clinton and just being fascinated by the two political figures. Politics is the ultimate study of the human psyche and the ultimate contest to see who is the very best. I love it.

How do you see your work with the Barometer complimenting your Political Science coursework?

My work at the Barometer compliments my major in Political Science because the two go hand in hand, you know media and politics have been linked together since our founding father days. Being the editor at the Barometer allows me to see things in a critical manner and to question everything and in our political science classes we are asked to do that very thing. Professors like David Bernell ask you to think critically about the problems we face and in the media we're usually the ones asking the questions and finding out the answers.

What do you hope to do with your Political Science degree?

I hope to change the world with my Political Science degree. I plan on getting into politics and making an impact on first the local levels and than nationally and maybe eventually internationally as well.