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International Affairs Option

International Affairs option


The International Affairs option in Political Science will provide students with the opportunity to focus their undergraduate studies on topics involving:


  • The political systems and dynamics of different countries and regions around the world
  • Relations among countries and non-state actors
  • Global issues, problems, and institutions


There are a growing number of career opportunities in government, international organizations, non-profit organizations and the private sector, as well as advanced degree programs in academic institutions, that offer students with a focused area of study in International Affairs greater opportunities to pursue their interests and chosen fields.




I. Foundation courses (12 credits)

Students must take at least 3 of the introductory courses, including:

  1. PS 204. Introduction to Comparative Politics (4), AND
  2. PS 205. Introduction to International Relations (4), AND
  3. EITHER PS 201. Introduction to United States Government and Politics (4) OR PS 206. Introduction to Political Thought (4)


II. Methods/WIC (4 credits)

PS 300. Political Analysis (4)


III. Political Science Internship (4 credits)

PS 406. Projects (2)

PS 410. Internship (2)


IV. Upper Division Option Courses (32 credits)

Select 32 credits from the list below.  Up to 8 upper division credits can come from classes listed below in the programs of Economics and Sociology. Other courses as approved by the department.


PS 340. Eastern and Central European Politics (4)

PS 341. Politics of Western Europe and the European Union (4)

PS 343. Russian Politics (4)

PS 344. Latin American Politics (4)

PS 345. Politics of Developing Nations (4)

PS 348. Chinese Politics (4)

PS 350. Government and Politics of Modern Japan (4)

PS 446. East Asian Political Economy (4)

PS 449. Topics in Comparative Politics (4)

PS 451. American Foreign Policy (4)

PS 452. Alternative International Futures (4)

PS 453. The Geopolitics of Oil and Energy (4)

PS 454. International Law and Organizations (4)

PS 455. The Politics of Climate Change (4)

PS 456. International Politics of Asia Pacific (4)

PS 457. US-China Relations (4)

PS 458. International Political Economy (4)

PS 459. Topics in International Relations (4)

PS 477. International Environmental Politics and Policy (4)


Up to 8 credits from:

ECON 340. International Economics (4)

ECON 440. Economics of Globalization (4)

ECON 441. International Finance Theory and Policy (4)

ECON 455. Economic Development (4)

SOC 460. Sociology of Globalization (4)

SOC 466. International Development: Gender Issues (4)