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Environmental Politics and Policy Option

The Environmental Politics & Policy option in Political Science will provide students with the opportunity to focus their undergraduate studies on topics involving:


  • Historical and contemporary environmental problems
  • Governmental and non-governmental efforts to address problems on local, state, federal and international levels
  • Interactions between key actors and institutions involved in environmental policymaking in the United States and internationally


A specialization in Environmental Politics & Policy can prove very valuable on today’s job market as non-profit, corporate and government employers are all involved in making important decisions that affect our natural and urban environments. Environmental specializations are also increasingly popular offerings in postgraduate study.




I. Foundation Courses: (12 credits)

Students must take at least 3 of the introductory courses (12 credits)

  1. PS 201. Introduction to United States Government and Politics (4), AND
  2. PS 205. Introduction to International Relations (4), AND
  3. EITHER PS 204. Introduction to Comparative Politics (4) OR PS 206. Introduction to Political Thought (4)


II. Methods/WIC (4 credits)

PS 300. Political Analysis (4)


III. Political Science Internship (4 credits)

PS 406. Projects (2)

PS 410. Internship (2)


IV. Upper Division Option Courses (32 credits)

Select 32 credits from the list below.  Up to 8 upper division credits can come from classes listed below in the programs of Economics and Sociology. Other courses as approved by the department.


PS 453. The Geopolitics of Oil and Energy (4)

PS 455. The Politics of Climate Change (4)

PS 461. Environmental Political Theory (4)

PS 473. US Energy Policy (4)

PS 474. Renewable Energy Policy (4)

PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)

PS 476. Science and Politics (4)

PS 477. International Environmental Politics and Policy (4)


Up to 8 credits from:

ECON 352 or AREC 352. Environmental Economics and Policy (3)

SOC 456. Science and Technology in Social Context (4)

SOC 480. Environmental Sociology (4)

SOC 481. Society and Natural Resources (4)

SOC 485, ANS 485, FS 485, or FW 485. Consensus and Natural Resources (3)