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The Ava Helen and Linus Pauling
Memorial Lecture
World Peace

Ava Helen Pauling


Distinguished Lecturers

Lecture Title                                         

1982  *Linus Pauling
1983  Paul Warnke
1984  Helen Caldicott
 We the People: A Prescription for Ending the Arms Race
1985  George Ball
 United States Foreign Policy
1986  John Kenneth Galbraith
 The Military Power and the Larger Complex
1987 *Adolfo Perez Esquivel
 Peace and Justice in Central and Latin America
1988  Johan Galtung
 Is the U.S. Political Discourse Adequate to the Task of Peace?
1989  Mark Hatfield
1990 *Mairead Corrigan Maguire
1991  Petra Kelly
 Green Politics in New Europe: Hope for Change?
1992 *Oscar Arias Sanchez
 The Craftsmanship of Peace: Moving to Global Demilitarization
1993  William Sloane Coffin  
1994  Arun Gandhi
 Fulfilling Gandhi's Dream at the End of the 20th Century
1995  Noam Chomsky
1996  Charles Upchurch
1998  James Fallows
1998 *Jose Ramos-Horta
2000  Gwyne Dyer
2001 *Betty Williams
2002  Robert Kennedy, Jr
2003  Sulak Sivaraksa
2004  Matthew Messelson
2006 *Rigoberta Menchu  
2007  Grace Lee Boggs  
2008  Rami Khouri
2009  Steven Way
2010  Jody Williams
2011  Frances Moore Lappe
2012  David Cobb

*Nobel Laureate

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