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  • General Law School Information
    • Law School Admission Council: information about and registration for the LSAT and LSDAS, purchasing the LSACD and other products, plus downloadable forms like the LSAT/LSDAS Fee Waiver, the LSAT/LSDAS Registration & Information Book, and more.
    • Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools. This website lets you use ABA and LSAC data to search for law schools based on GPA/LSAT, tuition, bar passage rate, location, employment, and grants/scholarships.
    • Legal Education section for the American Bar Association. This site has links to other state bar associations, ABA law schools, the essay on Preparation for Legal Education, how to purchase The Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, 2003 Edition, and more.
    • Deans Speak Out (LSAC). Find out why 186 law school deans want you to do more than look at "rankings" to assess their schools. Included is a comprehensive list of items that every serious pre-law applicant needs to consider in selecting a law school.
    • Internet Legal Resource Guide. A categorized index of more than 4000 select websites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as more than 850 locally stored web pages and downloadable files. This site was established to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the USA.
    • National Association for Law Placement. "Since 1971, NALP has served as the premier source of information for legal career planning and recruitment. NALP's mission is to meet the needs of all participants in the legal employment process for information, coordination and standards." There is also a very informative pre-law student section.
  • Traditionally underrepresented students
    • CLEO: The Council on Legal Education Opportunity is a nonprofit project of the American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education, dedicated to diversifying the legal profession by expanding legal education opportunities for members of underrepresented groups.
    • ABA/Commission on Women in the Profession. The Commission aims not only to report the challenges that women lawyers face, but to bring about change in the legal workplace. Drawing upon the expertise and diverse backgrounds of the Commission members, the Commission develops programs, policies and publications to advance and assist women in law schools, academia, public and private practice and the judiciary.
    • ABA/Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity: a comprehensive source for data about minorities in the legal profession.
    • Minorities Interested in Legal Education (MILE) Program, primarily designed for college freshmen and sophomores, provides minority students with reliable information about preparation for law school. Free registration required.
    • http://lsac.org/SpecialInterests/information-lesbian-gay-bisexual-applicants.asp: This LSAC resource provides information for LGBT students regarding selecting law schools and application concerns.
    • Accommodated Testing Forms for students with disabilities are available from the LSAC.

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