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Science and Technology Policy Faculty

Faculty Program/Department Willing to be a
Major Professor
Willing to be a
Committee Member
Teach Courses in Concentration
Scott Akins Sociology    X  
Amy Below Political Science  X  X  X
David Bernell Political Science    X  
Lori Cramer Sociology    X  
Mark Edwards Sociology    X  
Partick Emerson Economics  X  X  
Molly Engle Education    X  
Jacob Hamblin History of Science  X  X  X
Roger Hammer Sociology  X  X  
Sarah Henderson Political Science    X  
Jack Higginbotham Space Grant    X  X
Denise Lach Sociology  X  X  
Bob Lackey Fisheries & Wildlife    X  X
B. Starr McMullen Economics    X  
Qinglai Meng Economics    X  
Dwaine Plaza Sociology    X  
Vijay Satyal OR Dept of Energy  X  X  X
Elizabeth Schroeder Economics    X  
Brent S. Steel Political Science  X  X  X
Carol Horton Tremblay Economics    X  
Edward Weber Political Science  X  X  X