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Research Colloquium

School of Public Policy Research Colloquium 2011-2012
3:45-4:45 PM
Fairbanks 304

Date Presenter(s) Presentation Title
10/21 Patrick Emerson

“Applying Theory to Better Understand Two Policy Issues in Economic Development: Microfinance and Education”

11/4  Misty Freeman & Emily Wornell  “Beyond Intervention: Visions for the Future of Child Abuse and Neglect Issues in Klamath County, Oregon” 
1/27  Todd Pugatch  “Safety Valve or Sinkhole? Vocational Schooling in South Africa” 
2/10  Carol Tremblay  “Brainstorm: Bipolar Disorder and Occupational Creativity” 
3/2  Dwaine Plaza 

“FACEBOOK: Serving as a Transnational Bridge for Connecting the Trinidadian Diaspora Community”

3/9  Steven Ortiz  Title TBA 
4/13  Kelly Dickinson  “Procuring and Marketing Local Foods in Retail Stores in Canada and Oregon, USA” 
4/13  Becky Rubenstrunk  “Assessing Contention: Nuclear Waste Management Activism in the U.S. and Canada” 
4/27  Hillary Fishler  “Watershed Investment Programs: A Network Approach to Uniting Western Water Utilities in a Shared Policy Agenda”
5/11  Brett Burkhardt  “Regional Variation in Exposure and Framing of Prison Privatization in the News”  
5/18  Alison Johnston  “Gaining Concessions from Governments: Explaining   General Strike Outcomes in Western Europe, 1980-2006”