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Our Mission


The Program in Medical Humanities is the epicenter of a distinctive multidisciplinary program that advances the intellectual interests and practical wisdom of students, faculty, health care professionals, and the broader community.  The Program is the home of a unique medical humanities certificate that prepares students with integrative skills in communication, cultural competency, writing, and ethical integrity to facilitate their success in medical school and in other graduate programs.

The mission of the Program in Medical Humanities is to provide a context for its academic, professional, and civic audiences to empathize with the sufferings of others, reflect critically on medical knowledge and discourse, create new representations of the medical experience, and confront moral, psychological, and ethical dilemmas.  The Program advances opportunities in education, research, and public outreach to thoroughly explore the human values and art of medicine and healing. These projects have application within the academic study of the humanities, in clinical medicine, in professional self-understanding, and in health policy.