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Oregon State University

Liberal Studies Advising

Make an appointment with a College of Liberal Arts academic advisor to discuss your ideas for a Liberal Studies degree. CLA advisors can help you clarify learning objectives and to select courses supportive of your selected theme. To make an appointment with an advisor call 541-737-0561.

Statement of Justification

The purpose of the Statement of Justification is to give faculty a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with this major. This information is necessary for assessment of your course selections. You must prepare a statement of justification as part of the application process for admittance into the Liberal Studies major. Your Statement of Justification should address the following questions:

  • Why did you choose this theme? Why does it interest you?
  • How do the classes you have selected support your learning objectives?
  • What do you hope to do with this major in the future?

Selecting Classes

Review the OSU catalog to identify courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts that will assist you to reach the learning goals identified in your theme. Check for course availability and build a schedule for taking the courses in your major. Pay special attention to the order in which courses should be taken to build skills and knowledge that will be useful in future coursework. For example, you might choose to take your writing intensive curriculum (WIC) course early in your major work so that the writing skills you learn can be used in other classes.

Completing the Major

Liberal Studies students should meet periodically with their advisors to make sure they are able to complete their plan of study. Occasionally there are scheduling variances and conflicts that make in imperative to make chances in your plan. Your advisor can assist you with, and approve, those changes. A close working relationship with your advisor will ensure course access and a positive Liberal Studies experience.