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Robert Asinjo

Masters Student in Applied Anthropology
Real Food Challenge at OSU Coordinator
Interim Project Report

Sarah Cunningham

Ph.D., Applied Anthropology
Emergency Food Pantry Co-Founder
Starting the OSU Emergency Food Pantry

Rebecka Daye

Ph.D. Student in Applied Anthropology

I work with the Food Action Team (FAT), Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, subcommittee to develop a survey instrument for research with restaurant owners in an effort to understand local barriers for restaurants to purchase more local produce. I also volunteer with Ten Rivers Food Web (TRFW) and South Town Community Food Center in Corvallis, OR, to conduct outreach with the local Latina/Hispanic community to ascertain levels of food security and to promote local food processes (e.g. community gardens, community food center). Finally, I organized and helped build a community salsa garden for Latina Women at Casa Latinos Unidos. We collaborated with the Master Gardeners, TRFW, and Latinas Unidas to implement the project. I continued as the organizer for the duration of the project. The garden was in operation for 2yrs. It was dismantled the end of 2012 due to low production.
Project Report on Latinas Unidas Salsa Garden Project

Amanda Sophie Green

Ph.D. Student in Applied Anthropology
Oregon State University Food Assessment 2011 Report
Slow Food Terra Madre Day Coordinator, 2012

Michaela Hammer

Masters Student in Applied Anthropology

My work incorporates elements of nutritional, medical, and cultural applied anthropology to study dietary practices in the Ecuadorian Andes.  I'll be studying child feeding practices and home remedies for child illnesses to identify best practices that mothers use and share to ensure optimal health for their children.  I'm interested in the practical intersection between food and medicine, and I've found applications for this framework in garden education programs, raw milk and cheese production, and herbal studies in Oregon and Ecuador.

Amanda Valora

Masters, Applied Anthropology, 2012
Slow Food Terra Madre Day Coordinator, 2011