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Enrolling in the FCSJ Undergraduate Certificate

Students wishing to undertake an Undergraduate Certificate in Food in Culture and Social Justice (FCSJ) should first schedule a meeting with the FCSJ Coordinator. During this meeting, the student and Coordinator will review the requirements of the Undergraduate Certificate and discuss possible faculty supervisors for the Capstone Portfolio requirement.

Following this meeting, students should contact their desired Capstone Portfolio faculty supervisor to schedule a meeting to discuss this possibility.

Once a Capstone Portfolio faculty supervisor has been identified and the faculty person has agreed to serve in this capacity, the student should fill out the Undergraduate Certificate Declaration form (available at the Liberal Arts advising office in 213 Gilkey Hall). Completed forms should be submitted to the registrar's office.

Declaring the FCSJ Graduate Minor

Graduate students wishing to declare the Food in Culture and Social Justice (FCSJ) minor should indicate this on their Program of Study. - program

In order to have the FCSJ graduate minor on a program of study, the student must have a minor professor who will sign the Program of Study and who has been approved as graduate faculty for the FCSJ minor. The minor professor will be the one to determine whether or not the courses on the program of study meet the requirements for the minor.  Contact the FCSJ Coordinator about eligible faculty.