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Former Projects

Corvallis International Foods

FCSJ and Anthropology doctoral student, Amanda Green, created this web resource that is "dedicated to helping people from everywhere feel comfortable here in Corvallis, starting with groceries." The site contains information on where to find various types of international foods in the area. Available foods are listed in general categories, such as "African" and "Mexican/Central American" and a special section contains information on retailers who sell foods for religious dietary restrictions. Check out this site and explore the panoply of international foods available in our community.

An assessment of the state of food security

In  Spring Term 2011, a graduate student undertook an assessment of the state of food security and the availability of local and sustainably produced foods on the OSU campus. The project took place under the direction of local nonprofit Ten Rivers Food Web, as part of the Benton County Food Assessment. During her research, the student conducted interviews with directors of University Housing and Dining, academic departments, university farms and garden, and emergency student services. In collaboration with another graduate student, a survey on food security was designed and distributed to students. Based on the data, the conclusion was drawn that the students, faculty, and staff of Oregon State University are favorably responding to local, national and international interest in food security and sustainability. The creation or increasing capacity of key organizations indicate an encouraging environment for promoting food security and local and sustainable food production.

Community Garden Project

Spring Term 2011, one Food Projects student organized and built a community salsa garden for Latina Women at Casa Latinos Unidos.  The student worked with Master Gardeners and the local nonprofit Ten Rivers Food Web to implement the project, which also included teaching cooking classes to the users of the garden.  The student wrote a short article about this experience for the Ten Rivers Food Web website. 

South Town Community Food Center Project

Winter Term 2011, one Food Projects student volunteered with the Benton County Food Assessment and conducted a local consumer shopping survey.  The student also conducted outreach with local Latinos, including participation in a local Hispanic FEAST (Food-Education-Agriculture-Solutions-Together).  The overall goal of this Food Project was to ascertain levels of food security and promote local food processes (e.g. community gardens and a community food center) among local Latinos.