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The Minor

Minors in Ethnic Studies take core courses on "race" and ethnicity and select a major area of concentration from those listed under the major. The minor internship, which is optional, consists of three credits.

Specific Requirements for the Minor

Minor Requirements (27 required credits)

Students will work closely with a departmental advisor to determine a program of studies that best meets their needs. A grade point average of 2.0 and a grade of C- in all minor course work are required. Individualized research or study is limited to 3 credits.

Ethnic Studies Core (9)

  • ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)
  • ES 201 Inventing Ethnic America (3)
  • One 400-level Ethnic Studies Comparative Course (3) (ES 451, 452, 453, 456, 457 or 458)

Emphasis (18)

Select one sequence from the following (6 credits total):

  • Chicano-a/Latino-a Studies: ES 212, 213, (3, 3)
  • African American Studies: ES221, 223, (3, 3)
  • Asian American Studies: ES 231, 233 (3, 3)
  • Native American/Alaskan Native Americans: ES 242, 243 (3, 3) 

12 credits of upper division electives to be approved by the major advisor. Must include at least 3 credits at 400-level. With approval of minor advisor, student may take some of these electives from a list of non-departmental offerings.

Option: Minor internship (ES 410) is optional. If internship is taken (3 credits), upper division electives will be reduced to 9 credits and student needs to take ES 455 Internship Seminar (1 credit).

Ethnic Studies majors and minors must satisfy all University Baccalaureate Core and College of Liberal Arts requirements for the BA or BS degree.

(UPDATED: March 2008)

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